Southern in The City:
A Mason-Dixon View of Manhattan 
is a book sharing the true story of one Tennessee Southern belle’s
crazy adventures in New York City that
 span more than 30 years.
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Picture of Janna Fite Herbison, author of Southern in The City. In addition to writing, this Tennessee lady is a speaker & former reporter and political adviser. Find her book on Amazon & Kindle. Email information on the Contact page.
 media & reviews 
The Mike Schikman Show_ Janna Fite Herbison Radio / Podcast: Topics, Southern in The City, politic, impeachment, New York City, the South, stereotypes
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Book dedication

Southern in The City is dedicated to the memory of Lt. John Napolitano, Jr. (FDNY Rescue 2) and all the brave men and women of the Fire Department of New York.


Janna F. Herbison

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