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Southern in The City:
A Mason-Dixon View of Manhattan 
is a book sharing the true story of one Tennessee Southern belle’s
crazy adventures in New York City that
 span more than 30 years.
Book cover of Southern in The City: A Mason-Dixon View of Manhattan written by Janna Fite Herbison.

People are LEAVING big cities in these challenging times to start fresh and start over in the burbs or in the countryside. 


But, will “Green Acres” actually turn out to be greener pastures in the long run?

With the recent pandemic, civil unrest, and economic hardships ... many Americans are fleeing the cities for a new start in the suburbs & in Southern states.


In 2001, author Janna Fite Herbison actually did the reverse - she decided to leave her life in Tennessee and relocate to the Big Apple. Months later, Herbison had an NYC apartment and job lined up ... but in the end, decided to remain a Southerner.


Based on her experience, Janna can talk about the obstacles people who are used to "city life" might face when flipping the script & going rural/Southern, and how to succeed outside their normal comfort zone.


Interviews may be arranged by contacting Janna at

Picture of Janna Fite Herbison, author of Southern in The City. In addition to writing, this Tennessee lady is a speaker & former reporter and political adviser. Find her book on Amazon & Kindle. Email information on the Contact page.
My Story

Southern in The City: A Mason-Dixon View of Manhattan is a personal testimony about New York City. 


I am a Southern native, and this book covers more than a

30-year time span. The first time I visited Manhattan at 14, I met a host of celebrities and fell in love with the world of Broadway. Later, in my 20s, 30s and 40s, I came to know a deeper side of New York.


In 2001, I found myself within days of accepting a job offer that would have meant relocation from Nashville to Manhattan - just months before 9/11.

Whether you're from a small town or grew up in the BIG city, this book's for you!

Southern in The City contains years of reflection and advice on visiting the Big Apple, along with a proper dose of Southern anecdotes. I've also shared some of my personal photos in the book. You can also see these (and more) on my Instagram page. I'd love for you to join me there! 


The stories from Southern in The City will likely make you laugh, cry, and reflect. It's my hope, that they will help break down today's geographical stereotypes across our country.

 media & reviews 

"Exciting inspiring and could not put it down!!!


The experiences of the author and her openness in this book so well written will change the way you think about this city forever.


What a treasure to have!"

Debbie L.

Amazon Reviewer

Book dedication

Southern in The City is dedicated to the memory of Lt. John Napolitano, Jr. (FDNY Rescue 2) and all the brave men and women of the Fire Department of New York.

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